Model BQE-625 BQE-665
Bunker capacity 1000 lts 1000 lts
Power request 65 Hp (sin sinfín de carga) 90 Hp (sin sinfín de carga)
Perfomance 25 tn/h 65 tn/h
Bagging tunnel diameter 5/6 feet 5/6 feet
Lenght 3.600 mm 3.600 mm
Wheels 650x16 650x16
Wide – Bagging tunnel 5/6 feet 2.140 mm 2.140 mm
Wide – Bagging tunnel 9 feet 2.350 mm 2.350 mm
Bunker high 2.500 mm 2.800 mm
Breaking rolls w/ mechanical regulation YES YES
PTO transmission YES YES
Mechanical beaks on wheels YES YES
Optional accesories
Roller set YES YES
Transportable load auger. Lenght x diameter 4.5 m x 160 mm 5 m x 200 mm
Bunker suplement for more capacity - 1.500 lts

The Cracker/Stuffer machine breaks the wet grain and stuffed into a silo bag of high density, resulting in a pre-digested food with high quality and digestible energy value almost up to 96%, which is achieved through the grain fragmentation and moisture which it is exposed to fermentation by a correct grinding and compacting. The low power consumption required for the operation of this system makes an important ally of the livestock by providing a minimum operating cost with high performance per hour.

Technical Specifications of Cracker/Stuffer Machine 6'