Model BQE-625
Working capacity 25 tn/h
Power requested 65 Hp
Wheels 650x16
PTO transmission YES
Bagging tunnel diameter 5/6 feet
Bag capacity, 5 feet 900/1000 kg mt. lineal
Bag capacity, 6 feet 1080/1200 kg mt. lineal
Lenght 3.600 mm
Wide – Bagging tunnel 5 feet 2.140 mm
Wide – Bagging tunnel 6 feet 2.350 mm
Bunker high 1.700 mm
Optional accesories
Inoculant with electrical spraying pump YES

The forage stuffer machine allows producers make a more efficient and secure food stocks with high quality for the production of meat and milk, as well as poultry and pig production, among others.
Finely chopped forage is tipped onto the conveyor belt of the carrier from the side discharge of forage wagons. The material falls into the compacting auger pushing it to bagging tunnel where is distributed and compacted tightly so that air is dislodged, allowing anaerobic fermentation ensuring conservation in an acid medium where it takes place, maintaining its nutritional quality, avoiding undesirable proliferation of fungi and bacteria that damage the quality of the food.

Technical Specifications of Forage Stuffer 6´