Fodder Extractor Krueger 4.5
Bag diameter 9 Feet
Working width 4,50 Mts
PTO rotation 540 rpm
Power requirement 100 hp
Roller bag powered Hydraulic
Discharge pipe rotation Hydraulic
Discharge high 3.35 Mts
Tires 11L 16

The fodder extractor "KRUEGER 4.5", is designed to unload from the silage bag any type of fodder material and load it directly into the mixer wagon or transfer unit.
The machine works inside the silobag ensuring the extraction of 100% of the silage material. A shaft hydraulically commanded rolls up the bag pulling the machine forward. A shredding cylinder with teeth makes the material collapse, delivering it to the auger who works on the floor of the bag and which transports the material to a turbine that drives it through the discharge tube.
The machine has a strong structural tube chassis with tires that cover, according to their position, the working or travel function.

Technical Specifications Krueger 4.5