Agroindustrial San Vicente S.A. (Bernardin)

Self propelled fertilizer system with charger products

Silver Medal and Mention of Industrial Design: Self Propelled Fertilizer with charger system products.
Company: Bernardin.
Level of progress of development: Prototype or intermediate scale.

Working in the field with sufficient autonomy to not be dependent on tractors or other equipment sharing optimizes the use of physical means for a specific task. This was the objective of the project; develop a self-propelled fertilizer giving it a wheel lift for loading bulk fertilizers and / or a winch for loading the packaged product in "Big-Bags". The systems integrate the machine being located at its sides and its actuation takes place hydraulically circuit through the fertilizer itself used for the operation of its components, which when no load power demand because they are not in operation and thus it does not require resizing. Eliminate the need for a tractor for driving endless charger and transfer thereof, or for the lifting of the bags of fertilizer, it is helpful to service providers as it ensures a fast charge without relying on others equipment.

Its main advantages are: reduction in fuel consumption; lower maintenance costs; less operating expenses, since it is fertilizer operator who does the work load; spending less transfers; optimizing the use of the machine.

Fertilizadora Omega 5000