Model FMA-5000 FMA-9000
Hopper capacity 5000 Lts 9000 Lts
Working width Granulate fertilizers 18 – 36 Mts
Calcareous amendments 5 – 12
Tires 15.5/80x24 18.4x26
Wheelbase 2.10 (opc. 1.80 a 2.50) mts)
Working speed 6 – 15 Km/h
Power requirements 60 Hp 80 Hp

The MAGNUM fertilize sprayers line are equip with a rubber conveyor belt which allows precise adjustment of the product dose to be applied.
The distribution is done through a double disc system driven by a conical gear box and with adjustable blades that allow having the exact distribution profile. All components are stainless steel for longer life.
The spreader can be equiped with two alternative options to manage the dosage: Fixed Dose with mechanical wheel drive or Variable Dose driven by electro-hydraulic motors.
Different types of distribution discs allow to apply granulated products or powders such as calcareous amendments. An application bar comes as optional equipment.

Technical Specifications Spreader Magnum