Model Omega 5000
Net weight witout product 6700 kgs
Overall height 3.40 mts
Overall width 2.59 mts
Overall length 7.85 mts
Wheelbase 2.25 mts
Ground clearence 1.35 mts
Manufacturer MWM
Power, hp 185 @ 2400 rpm
Cycle and strokes Diesel – 4 strokes
Number and arrangment of cylinders 6 – in line
Cooling Water
Air compressor Included
Fuel tank capacity 180 ltrs
Type Mechanical with rear Wheel drive, 4x2
Gear box, type and manufacturer 5-speeds, EATON 4205A
Differential High and low speeds, 7.14:1 ratio
Mandos finales Chains, 1 ½"
Frenos Discs, front and rear
Actuation Hydraulic, servo assisted with 4 clamps
Reinforced tubular structure Suspension type, front and rear Air type with shock absorbers
Tires size 12.4R36
Acoustic and heat insolated, with ergonomically placed controls
Windshield and lateral glasses design provides clear view of the surrounding field
Air conditioner with dust filter.
Driver seat with suspension and seat belt Tilt and telescoping steering wheel adjustment to suit your preferences
Complete instruments panel and warming lights
Radio and CD player
Right-hand joystick with all the routine controls
Product bunker 5000 Lts.
Spread system
- twin concave disc with asymmetric wings - mechanical gearbox driven
Product conveyor band 800 mm
- Hydraulic motor driven
On board computer with application control programs
Proportional dosage perform link with the operating speed which enables variable rate applications
Output product regulation by an electric actuator operated from the cockpit
Maximum/minimum working width, mts 14 to 44
Charger scale
Powder bar for lime applications. Working
width: 6.4 mts
Side mounted lifting noria
Hydraulic winch. Maximum load: 1 ton

Technical Specifications Omega 5000 TM